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Established in 1984, family-owned and operated, Braeburn Training Center is the perfect place to start your young race prospect, or give your older racehorse a freshening.  Breaking, training, racing, we do it all.   Every horse in our care is treated as an individual, no cookie-cutter programs here.  Professional riders and staff will treat your investment with the utmost care. 5-1/2 furlong track, maintained to the highest racetrack standards; watered daily, multiple harrow breaks, graded frequently.  Every horse breezes on a clean racetrack.  As part of our program, we train in both directions, making for a well-balanced individual.  Three stall starting gate with one wide walk-through stall.  We here at Braeburn believe it's never too early to introduce the gate.  Many yearlings walk through on their very first day of training!  5 furlong turf course, expansive turf gallops and trails provide the opportunity for a variety of exercise.  82 foot covered Eurociser with rubber footing.  As a private facility, we do what we want, when we want, no time restrictions here, always putting the best interests of the horses first and foremost. 

We are a proud participant of the Virginia Residency Program, Braeburn Training Center is a Virginia Certified Farm.  Send your babies to us and earn 25% more for wins at mid-atlantic tracks.  For more details, go to

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